More information can be found at the utilities page.

Archived files

The GRTensorII software and documentation are distributed in the form of compressed tar files and self-extracting executables.

The easiest way to install the software for Microsoft Windows (95,98 & NT) is from self-extracting executables. Simply download the file *.exe and double click it.

The gzip compression software is available from the GNU software page. To uncompress filename.gz, use the command:

gzip -d filename

To un-tar the archive filename.tar, use the command:

tar -xvf filename.tar

Users can consult one of the Info-Mac mirrors.

Here are a few GRTensorM Macintosh hints from Bill Paxton:
1. Put the grii folder in Mathematica's ExtraPackages folder which is inside the AddOns folder.
2. Load package by entering the command
3. Set the metric directory by entering the command

Viewing Postscript

Try Internet Resources for POSTSCRIPT & GHOSTSCRIPT.

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview can be used to process PostScript files on Unix machines and on PCs and Macs.
PSview (which no longer seems to be supported) can be installed on PCs.